Lumenilux is a fresh, high quality content creating company working without geographical limits.

At the heart of emerging technologies, Lumenilux's philosophy lie in research and development, in order to keep itself on the cutting-edge of technology, both in production and post-production techniques.

Obviously, our name evoke light (lumen and lux). Lumenilux its the merging between light and matter, unifying to form stories. We capture the light with cameras or we create it from scratch with CGI images.

Oh, and if you ever wonder how we pronounce it, Lumenilux is said in two steps:   LUMENNI  -  LUX .


We develop visual and sound content destined to an array of productions, including architectural projections as well as special events.


We produce and sell high quality stock footage in high resolution.


We offer a RED One as well as other accessories for hire.