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Hôtel de Glace - Grande Soirée 2010 Edition

Hôtel de Glace

Projection on snow wall on the Grande Soirée 2010 edition of the Hôtel de Glace of Quebec. A first joint event of LumeniSTUDIO and Anecdote Marketing, under the Mammouth Productions name. For one night, the Festival des Arts room was filled with light and color, under the theme of nordicity.

Production Company : Mammouth Productions
Producers : Dominique Grenier & Simon Allard
Executive Producer : Simon Veilleux
Coordinator : Annie Audet

Director : Dominique Grenier
Motion graphics artists : Olivier Breton
  Maxim Boisseau
Visual Research : Annie Audet

Sound Editor : Pierre-Luc Moisan

Technical Direction : Sébastien Grenier-Cartier
  André Biron