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:: LUMENILUX :: RED One available for renting ::


To rent or for more informations, contact or call +1 (418) 704-5080.

You can download the equipement list .


The RED One camera records in a compressed RAW format. The data captured can then be transferred in different video resolutions, or scanned-out to film. A 720p HD-SDI live feed is always available, while a 1080p 4:4:4 feed is available on playback.

Both high-speed CF cards and RED-Drive hard drives are used as recording media. A 16GB CF card can hold around 10 minutes, while a 320GB drive can hold about 200 minutes.

The camera can record up to 30fps in 4K and 120fps in 2K, by windowing the sensor. It record in a variable bitrate codec. The relative sensibility is around 320ISO and the dynamic range is about 10-11 stops.


4K resolution (4096 x 2440 )
Max framerates: 30fps in 4K, 60fps in 2K, 120fps in 2K
12-bit sensor (36-bit color)
Dynamic range of 11 stops.
320 ISO
35mm depth of field
HD-SDI video out: 4:2:2 720p (live), 4:4:4 1080p (playback)
Compatible witk 35mm accessories
PL-Mount standard (possibility of installing a Canon EOS mount)